Is it worth having Laser Tattoo Removal before a Cover-up?


While a lot of people think that the main reason for Laser Tattoo Removal is a dislike of tattoos, the opposite is often true. Many people who opt to have a tattoo removed do so because they love their ink, care deeply about its artistry, quality, and meaning, and are simply not happy with one they had done in the past. 

In fact, a common reason for Laser Tattoo Removal is to fade out an older, sub-standard tattoo to create some space for a new & better one. 

If you fall into this camp, and are considering a cover-up tattoo, it’s worth weighing up the costs and benefits of having some Laser Tattoo Removal sessions done first. 

Tattoo covers-ups are, by nature, somewhat complex, and require some careful creative input from an expert tattoo artist. One thing that can help is erasing the original tattoo, to ease the constraints on the artist in creating something awesome for the new one. If the desire is not to remove the tattoo completely, but to fade the darkest areas so as not to compromise the design of the cover-up, then Laser Tattoo Removal can be a great option. 



Some tips:



Get clear on your design

As cover-ups are more complex, give some thought to what you’d really love - it’s a good idea to create a folder where you can save images you find online over time. While it’s very important to keep an open mind, don’t compromise on the original vision. If it looks good, but you don’t love it in the end, then it’s not a good cover-up. 



Talk to an expert Tattoo Artist

Once you have your ideal cover-up design in mind, talk to an expert. A reputable tattoo artist will take the time to discuss what you want, and will be able to advise on whether or not some Laser Tattoo Removal sessions would be beneficial. This very much depends on the age, density and colour of the ink you want to hide. 



Weigh up time, cost & result

Combining Laser Tattoo Removal with a new cover-up tattoo will increase the amount you spend overall. However, it could reduce the time it takes to get the tattoo that you ultimately want, as it makes the job easier for the artist. The characteristics of the existing tattoo also factor in here - if the original is old, dark, or if the colours have bled, then it might make it difficult to achieve the definition you want in a cover-up. Again, a reputable artist will be able to advise you on how to get the best results. 




What next?

If your tattoo artist advises, then make sure you opt for the best Laser Tattoo Removal technology available - that’s PicoSure®. Here at FADE, that’s the only technology we offer. 


How many Laser Tattoo Removal sessions would I need?

The good news is that if you opt for PicoSure®, you’re going to need much fewer sessions - typically half as many as with older Q-switched machines. The reason for this is that unlike older technologies, PicoSure® uses pressure waves (rather than heat) to shatter ink into tiny microscopic particles that can then fade naturally from the body. In addition, if your goal is simply to fade a tattoo for a cover-up, then you may only need a few sessions to get the result that your tattoo artist has recommended.


What does Laser Tattoo Removal it feel like?

Most people find that the sensation is similar, or less painful, to having a tattoo done. The treatments are super-fast - even a medium-sized tattoo would be treated in a few minutes - and cooling air helps to sooth the sensation of the laser. Correct aftercare - which includes applying cooling treatments such as Aloe Vera, gentle treatment of the area, and avoidance of sun exposure - will all ensure that you get the best and most comfortable treatment. 


How much does Laser Tattoo Removal cost?

The cost for treatments depends on the size, type, and colours used in your tattoo, and on the result you want - gone completely, or just faded enough to facilitate a new tattoo. You can check out guideline costs here, but as each tattoo and each skin type is different, we recommend you book a free, no-commitment consultation with us in our studio on Grafton Street, Dublin 2. You’ll get expert info, timeline and costs, so you can decide if Laser Tattoo Removal is the right option for you. 


If you love tattoos, then you know how important is it is get them just right. If an existing tattoo missed the mark, then make sure you do what you need to get a result that you’ll love for years to come. Talk to your tattoo artist, or get in touch with us for some free, expert advice.