Laser Tattoo Removal for ink blow out


First up… what is blow out?

If you’ve ever seen a tattoo with blurry or blotchy areas around it, where ink has bled out into the surrounding area - that’s blow out.

What causes it?

Blow out happens when ink is accidentally dispersed into the deeper levels of the skin during tattooing. The pressure and cell structure of the dermis can push the ink outwards into the surrounding tissue.

Blow out is often caused by inexperience or incorrect placement of the tattoo needle, but in reality it’s very common and can happen to any artist, particularly on areas of the body where skin is naturally thinner, such as on hands and feet.

In most cases blow out makes the lines of the tattoo blurred and streaky, with a bruise-like appearance. It’s often most visible around outlines - it’s a little like colouring outside the lines in a colouring book, but unfortunately with more permanent results.

Some examples of tattoo blow out

Ok what now…?

The good news is that blow out is treatable with Laser. Our PicoSure® technology is the world leader in Laser Tattoo Removal, and in many cases blow out can be treated in a single session.

The PicoSure® Laser works by directing waves of pressure that target the tattoo ink, and not the surrounding tissue. The ink is broken into microscopic particles, which then fade naturally from the skin.

We can target the areas where blow out is visible. Treatments take a matter of minutes, and as PicoSure® is the most effective technology available, and the only one we use, it guarantees the fastest and least painful treatment available.


At FADE, we get a mix of clients - some who are over their tattoos and just want them gone, and others who love their tapestry and want the best, sharpest ink possible. Whatever your story we’re happy to help and advise. We offer 100% free consultations with no obligation in our Dublin studio. If you’re unsure about anything to do with your tattoo, get in touch or call in to us and we’ll be happy to help.