Laser Tattoo Removal for weddings


OK so ideally you and your beloved are signing up til death do you part. However if you have a tattoo you regret, it doesn’t have to be for that long!


What to consider

First up… congrats!

Now let’s get down to business…

As it’s such a major life event, weddings often motivate people to say goodbye to tattoos that they no longer want. As you’ll also be starring in your own shoot on the day, you don’t want to be worrying about hiding tattoos you don’t like.

Many wedding dresses have cuts that highlight certain areas such as arms or shoulders, and for women opting for these, you want to feel confident that your skin is looking its best. We often find that guys too will come to us for Laser Tattoo Removal in the run up to the wedding or honeymoon.


The first and most important factor is timing. Several factors influence how many treatments are required, including ink colour, tattoo age, size and skin type.

Depending on your tattoo, you will most likely need multiple treatments, particularly if you want to have it fade away completely. To get rid of a tattoo entirely, we’d typically advise 6 - 8 session, spaced 8 - 10 weeks apart. As a a very rough rule of thumb, allow a year for the best results.

Pre and post treatment care

For best results, it’s important to avoid excessive sun exposure. Ensure you can avoid harsh sun for 2 weeks pre-treatment and 2 weeks post-treatment, as excess sun exposure can cause hypo-pigmentation (whitening) or hyper-pigmentation (redness) within or around the tattoo, and can slow down the treatment process.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that treatment can cause some blistering, swelling or skin irritation - all perfectly normal side effects of Laser treatment (you can read more about that in our FAQs). You’ll want to factor this in to dress or suit fittings, so that you don’t cause any extra irritation and allow your skin time to get back to its best.

The name of the game here is looking your best on the day, so we really do advise and support our clients in doing everything possible to ensure great results.

Hold up…

One last thing - we’re not bashing tattoos here! While some clients come to us to have tattoos removed, we also have lots who LOVE their tattoos, and are coming to us for coverups or treatment for blow out, to improve or sharpen their tattoos overall. Lots of couples love to showcase their tattoos on their wedding day. Whatever camp you’re in, we’re here to help and advise in any way we can.


Wedding packages

If you’d like Laser treatment of any kind before your big day, or if you know someone who would, our advice would be to give it plenty of time. We have gift vouchers available if you’d like to give the gift of beautiful skin to someone in the lead up to a wedding or honeymoon, and as we’re big softies here in FADE, we do special wedding discounts for individuals or couples.

If that’s of interest, get in touch - we’ll start with a 100% free consultation with no obligation, just expert advice. If you do opt for us, you can feel confident in our world-leading PicoSure® Laser technology, and as Ireland’s only dedicated Laser Tattoo Removal studio situated on lovely Grafton Street, you’re in the very best of hands.