Top Ten Reasons for Tattoo Removal


Here at FADE, it's our job to fade away those tattoos that have outlived their time. There are many reasons to move on - if any of these strike a chord with you, talk to us about getting your blank canvas back...



A past relationship

A lot of people opt to have the name of their other half inked, but if you've moved on, you may want to leave your tattoo in the past too. Many people find it freeing to have names or memento tattoos removed once they've decided to motor on. New start, new canvas...




Incorrect meaning

If you've had the experience of getting a tattoo on holidays, you'll appreciate there's a leap of faith involved, particularly if you've had the tattoo done in another language. We've all heard horror stories about symbols that don't mean quite what you thought... On top of this, it's worth bearing in mind that fashion can be a cruel mistress. Trends come and go, but tattoos, (until now!) were forever. 



Tattoo quality

Many people that come in to us for tattoo removal are actually big fans of ink, and want space for better. Others are just unhappy with the appearance of their tattoo and are ready for an ink-free future. Dissatisfaction with quality is a leading reason for Laser Tattoo Removal - it may be an amateur or even a DIY tattoo, or maybe the artist just wasn't as talented as you'd like. Whatever the reason, it's a shame to carry around a tattoo that you don't love. Freeing up tapestry to replace an old tattoo with with something cooler and more representative of where you are now is one of the main reasons people come to FADE. 




OK so it might seem a little unfair, but there's a chance that an interviewer might throw you some shade when applying for jobs with visible ink. While dress codes have loosened up immensely in recent times, you might feel that a tattoo you have doesn't represent you with your best foot forward. There are some jobs in which tattoos are expressly ruled out, and if that's the case - talk to us. We offer discounts for Laser Tattoo Removal for specific jobs. 





As someone a little more eloquent than we are once said 'Don't be afraid of change. Be afraid of staying the same.' We're all changing, all the time, and one day you might realise that a tattoo that was significant to you in the past just doesn't have the same meaning anymore. It may be time to shout 'plot twist!' and move on...  



Faded Tattoos

A common cause for concern is that a tattoo, when first done, was much brighter and sharper, and now it’s faded to a blurry mess. Over time tattoo ink “bleeds” into surrounding skin and is not going to look as sharp as it did originally. If this is an issue for you, we recommend talking to a top level tattoo artist, who can advise you if your tattoo can be sharpened up, or talk to us about removal.




If you're approaching your big day, you want to make sure you enjoy the spotlight. For many brides (and quite a few grooms) an upcoming wedding is the perfect motivation to have unwanted tattoos removed, particularly if they'll be visible in your photos. The good news is that the time from ‘will you?’ to ‘I do’ is generally enough time to remove a tattoo. And that brings us to point 8...




Another motivating factor can be a big holiday coming up. If you're leaving the Irish Summer (ie. the six months of warmer rain) far behind, you want to be able to get into your beachwear without worrying about any tattoos you wished you'd left behind too. A honeymoon or a significant trip often gives people a nudge if they're thinking about Laser Tattoo Removal. Sun exposure is a big no-no while you're actually having Laser Tattoo Removal treatment, so the sooner you talk to us the better, if you're thinking of heading away. 



I'm a parent

Having little'uns can really change the way we see the world, and a lot people feel they'd like to have their tattoos removed once they have children. You may feel your tattoo represents a past part of your life, or your may just want to avoid any further ammo for withering looks from your tweens. Whatever the reason, if you, your partner, or your family are over it, we can help. 



I want a bigger one

Probably the most baller reason for having a tattoo removed. If this is you, then go on with your bad self. There is an incredible level of artistry out there, and if you want some tapestry back for a bigger or better tattoo, then we can help with that too. A poorly executed or faded tattoo can be erased to make room for some cooler ink.




Whatever the reason, if you're considering having a tattoo removed, we can help. We offer 100% free, no-commitment consultations, so you can come in and find out what's involved in removing your unwanted tattoo without any pressure. We exclusively offer PicoSure - the world's leading Laser Tattoo Removal technology. The days of regretting a tattoo but feeling stuck with it are over. The treatment we offer is the quickest, most effective, and most painless one available worldwide - come in and talk to us in our Grafton Street studio today so we can kick off your tattoo-free future!