How many Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions will I need?


The total number of Laser Tattoo removal sessions you will require depends the type of tattoo, and is influenced by factors such as:

  • ink characteristics
  • size of tattoo
  • type of tattoo
  • location on body
  • lifestyle habits

At FADE, we exclusively offer PicoSure® - is the fastest and most comfortable Laser Tattoo Removal technology available. With PicoSure®, a typical treatment plan would include 4-8 sessions, as opposed to double that amount with older technologies such as Q-Switch.

When you come in for your Free Consultation, our expert clinicians will be able to assess your tattoo, and create a treatment plan for you, including fees and an estimate of the number of sessions you will require.


Tattoo Type


Most tattoo colours and inks respond very well to laser treatments. Professional tattoos typically take more sessions to remove than amateur tattoos, as they usually have an even distribution of ink with an even depth of placement. Since more ink is used in professional tattoos more treatments are needed to remove them. Professional tattoos may also include a greater number of colors.

The length of time you have had the tattoo will also affect the number of treatments required. Newer tattoos are typically more superficial, and therefore easier to remove. Over time, the ink particles move deeper into the skin, as so may require more treatments to remove.

Traumatic tattoos occur when substances such as carbon are introduced into the skin in an accident. They can usually be removed in one or two treatment sessions.

The size of the tattoo may also influence the number of treatments required. Consultations typically take 30 minutes, and the treatment time starts at approximately 10 minutes for small tattoos, and increases with the size of the tattoo.

Whatever the characteristics of your tattoo, you can be confident in excellent results with us at FADE. Our PicoSure® technology delivers the best possible results, even on multicolored tattoos including blues & greens, hard-to-remove black ink and stubborn, previously treated tattoos. Come in and see us for your Free Consultation. We’ll map out a treatment plan for you with complete fees and a timescale, and you can take your first step towards having your blank canvas back!

Eileen Dunne