Does Laser Tattoo Removal work for everyone?


The effectiveness of Laser Tattoo Removal depends on several factors, and there can be some variation in results. However, our clinicians at FADE are highly qualified, and we only offer the most advanced Laser Tattoo Technology on the market - PicoSure®. As the leading picosecond laser, PicoSure® can treat all colors of tattoo ink on patients of all skin types, so it’s very likely that this treatment will work for you. PicoSure® has also been shown to remove tattoos in fewer treatments. As such, we’re confident that we’re offering you the best treatment possible if you decide to rethink your ink.

Factors which can affect your treatment include:

Skin type

Your skin type can affect the speed and effectiveness of your treatment. When you come in to see us, your clinician will assess your skin type, and will carry out test a patch test prior to any treatment sessions. They will then create a treatment plan designed to get the best results for your specific skin type.   

Tattoo type

The depth, amount, colour and evenness of the ink all affect the treatment plan. Amateur tattoos are typically quicker and easier to remove than professional ones, as the ink tends to be lighter and more superficial. Traumatic tattoos (where substances such as carbon were introduced into the skin in an accident) are typically quicker and easier again.

The length of time you have had the tattoo - newer tattoos are typically quicker to remove - and the location on the body also influence your treatment. For example, for tattoos on the extremities such as hands and feet, we will adjust the Laser settings.

The colour of the ink also influences your plan, however our PicoSure® technology delivers the best possible results, even on multicolored tattoos including blues & greens, hard-to-remove black ink and stubborn, previously treated tattoos.

We carry out a complete assessment of all relevant factors when you come in to us for your Free Consultation, and as we exclusively offer the best technology available worldwide, we are confident that we can offer you the quickest, most comfortable and effective treatment available.

Come in and meet us for your free, no-commitment consultation today.

Eileen Dunne